Millions (Redacted)

At the end of April, the business that I installed millions at informed me they had no upcoming shows and I could put up new pieces, and keep the wall for another month or so…

I had been cultivating a lot of compassion for those who have dealt with the mental health industry, and particularly those who fell victim to the looseness in which diagnostic criteris is applied.

Having studied a bit of the process, as well as my personal experience as a patient, I realized that while the industry largely may to be scientifi, it diagnoses largely on what cannot be ruled out as conincidence. Lending itself to something of a pseudoscience. Accordingly every patient puts themselves at the risk of wrong diagnosis, the criteria of which is opinion, and many times as differing as the amount of observers in the room.

Accordingly, this show was focused on, and dedicated to, those whom have had to turn to the mental health industry for help.

Crossroads Coffee and Ice Cream
Richmond, VA

Pieces From Show